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UNC 한방클리닉

경락과 림프의 흐름을 잡는 림프 혈관 디톡스
면역력 강화, 통증과 비만 치료 전문 한의원 입니다.

UNC Acupuncture Clinic

We Provide Care

한방치료와 림프와 경락의 흐름을 잡는 Lymph Detox 프로그램을 병행

우리몸의 해독작용과 면역력 강화를 위한 환자개개인의 문제에맞춘

맞춤형 통합 한방 치료를 제공하고 있습니다.

의료진 소개

Dr. Lee, Jeong Eun
Choea, In G
L. Ac in MD
Lily Park
Lymph Drainage Therapist

What People Say


Receiving treatment from UNC is one the highlights of my week!
Their facility is clean and soothing, their staff are experienced and courteous, and their treatment is personalized and effective…

UNC has been a great discovery in Englewood Cliffs! Service is personalized, sincere, staff are knowledgeable and experienced and treatment is definitely effective!
They accept my public school teacher’s insurance and have convenient hours as well.
Am definitely planning on continuing my treatment!

Elise Ferrabolli

This is quite possibly the best holistic health care in the area. I had a chest injury coupled off with severe trigger points in my upper back area. After several worthless trips to the chiropractor, my mother recommend this place to me. I know that many people are skeptical of holistic medicine but, the health care providers here are actually licensed in the states. Not only did they treat my symptoms but treated my overall health in respect to body balance. Working a day job and running several businesses has taken their toll on my mental and physical health. the results are so life changing that you notice a difference within the first couple of visits. Their prices are more than fair and their facility is clean and calming. This is definitely the one stop for all my aches and pains.


My first treatment and I was impress how friendly and welcoming is the staff and how clean is the facilities. And looking forward to my next visit

Evelyn Rodriguez

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  • 토요일 : 오전 9:00 -   오후  3:00
  • 일요알: Closed